Single Motherhood, a love expression!

Single Motherhood has grown so common in America that as of 2018, a single parent, 81% of which were headed by a female, headed 11.3 million families in the US. Being a mother is not easy and being a single mother is all the more challenging because the responsibilities and problems double up.

So today, on Mother’s Day, lets celebrated to honor the mothers. It is the day to appreciate them for their unconditional love and care which defines motherhood. If you know a single mom then make sure you wish her on this day to acknowledge and appreciate for being a wonderful woman and a mother.

You, yes You Single Mothers, You embrace that are more than a mom. You are a sexy woman, a wonderful friend, a talented, wise and hard-working professional. You are a spiritual person, someone who has a physical body that needs care, nurturing and exercise, a creative individual whose pursuits the world needs. You are likely a daughter, sister, cousin, and niece, a citizen, activist and change catalyst. Being a single mom is hectic, and sometimes chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Be relentless about your priorities and ditch anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Daily baths? Hey, No way. A couple of extra germs will make your kids’ bodies stronger anyway—they can thank you for those ironclad immune systems later. All, all, all of those things are important!

My wish is you honor each one.

Happy Mothers Day to all of YOU!

Dr. Thomas Agrait

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