Beginning a new year, new decisions, challenges, and opportunities.

As President and CEO, this is a perfect time to reflect on my position, my goals and objectives, and share with our team at Lean Enterprise Consulting, our clients and others, what we are personally and professionally grateful for. It brings endless and incalculable value, including feeling part of something more meaningful than ourselves, enhancing a connection to our strengths and other people, improving employee engagement, improving our clients business operations/systems and overall health.

I do strongly believe that focusing on gratitude will obfuscate out the complaining from the rest of the year! Gratitude is a state of contentment, is in this state of MIND that we will be able to open ourselves up to the blessings of the universe and in turn, achieve our goals and dreams! When we express gratitude, we feel love, joy, appreciation, humility, Gratitude, and peace!

I am open to all the abundance and blessing God has in storage!