The basis of Leadership is born in the Brain!

After publishing the post by the title “Do you consider yourself of value added to your company? I have received hundreds of reaction to my post, most of them supportive and asking into the specifics of the role of Neuroscience in Leadership and more in specific, about Vortex?

Let me start at the beginning! Even today, on the threshold of 21 century, most of our so-called “leaders” venerate the “Carrot & Stick” approach. These leaders motivate employees with bonuses and financial perks, but very few of them develop an authentic interaction with their associates which is contrary to the evidence-based knowledge findings from Neuroscience.

The more that we dive-in ourselves into the complicated, multidisciplinary, and accelerating developing field of neuroscience in order to understand the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system, the more it validates the fact that we need more “Human-Interconnected” types of leadership. No longer we can keep seeing people as interpersonal machines and our work-space as a place to conduct isolated tasks.

Given the fact that the brain is a “social-organ”, we should understand that we (Human beings) were created to connect. Vortex, LEC-NeuroGneering division capitalize on the need of the brain for connectivity and on its neuro-plasticity (ability to change) to support the development of a new leadership style, more effective, more human-centered. Today we know that managing some areas of the brain- in a correct and ecological manner, we can shift the leadership approaches to a more resonant approach.

While there is still a lot to learn about that magnificent mass called the “brain” which Jeff Bezos defined as an “incredible pattern-matching machine”, we need to realize that it can transform our leadership skills for the better. As a matter of fact, all the scientific evidence continues to point toward the fact that the basis for effective leadership resides in the brain.

Stay tuned for a future post on ” Fear-based Leadership” – oh no, this leadership approach is not extinct yet!

Be blessed!

Dr. Thomas Agrait / Lean Enterprise Consulting