Last Saturday, walking thru the streets of Château of Cloux, near Amboise in France, with my old friend and mentor Leonardo, He shared with me some interesting points about what set us apart from people who are merely extraordinary smart. And that is our ability to add and apply our imagination to our intellect.

His flawed and open humanity makes my friend one of the more accessible person I have to know in my life. Even the fact that probably I will never be able to match his talents, I know we can learn from him and try to be like him. He has offered me a wealth of lessons which I would like to share with you, Today!

Here I would like to share with you the first five pointers that He gave me, which as a matter of fact are included in my seminar “ Solving Problems like Leonardo”

  1. Be intensely and randomly curious
  2. Pursue knowledge for your own pleasure
  3. Keep a childlike sense of admiration
  4. Sharpen an acute ability to observing things
  5. Focus on the details and engrave them in your mind.

On Leonardo’s time (15th century) it was a time of inventions, exploration spread of knowledge, a time like our very own. That why he concluded our walk by encouraging me to instill into my thinking process and to those around me not just to received knowledge but also to question it, to be imaginative, to THINK Differently.

Oh, I am terribly sorry, allow me to introduce my friend, Leonardo da Vinci from Vinci, Italy.

Je vous souhaite une excellente semanine!

Dr. Thomas Agrait  – Lean Enterprise Consulting Inc.