In daily life, both professional and personal, we deal with people with a very strong desire to dominate, which is a pixel on their arrogant selfie. Another characteristic of this type of people is their overconfidence in one’s abilities actually to win-for the arrogant, this means that their combination of the “dark” traits of narcissism, psychopathy, and aggression leads them to be constantly vigilant for opportunities that allow them to edge out people they perceive as competitors. Because they value winning above all else, they’ll also be likely to enter into arguments; the highly affiliative would be more likely to seek agreement. Since the arrogant care more about winning than about friendship, your relationship with people whose personalities prime them to seek victory is likely to be rocky. Rather than letting them get to you or walk all over you, remember that they’ve gotten this way for a reason. Do you have to behave like them to demonstrate your capacities?  NO!

If you want to advance your career, you don’t need to show off as an arrogant person! What you need to have people know is that you’re an expert in. But you shouldn’t go around bragging about everything you know. Instead, display your expertise in ways that are helpful to your colleagues. For instance, you could volunteer to host a lunch-and-learn about a topic you’ve been researching that’s relevant for your industry. Or you could write something on the topic for the company newsletter. You could even offer advice or respond to queries on the corporate intranet. Don’t assume that these kinds of opportunities are distractions from your “real work” or that no one pays attention to them. Even if your lunch-and-learn is sparsely attended, for example, higher-ups are almost always paying attention to how knowledge and best practices are shared. Putting your expertise out there could get you noticed by a senior person who appreciates that you’re sharing your ideas publicly.

Adapted from ” How Women Can Develop – and Promote – their Personal Brand” – by Dorie Clark

Today you will encounter countless obstacles on your way to success; What will make you victorious? To stand strong till the last moment ! 

Dr. Thomas Agrait   – Lean Enterprise Consulting