Depending on where we stand, the view of our living room and the things in it can look very different. Just like our perception of the physical world, perspective matters in our subjective experience of the social and professional world. The same image can have different meanings when seen from different perspectives. And please, take into consideration that the perspective each person adopts influences what is considered central or peripheral, obvious or obscure, and even present or absent.

If someone has a tunnel vision, we try to offer a different perspective that might have a different complete view. Sometimes, two perspectives may be completely opposite – but each is yet completely valid in different ways, much like the views from opposite sides of a room.

That is why today I would like to ask you to share with me your perspective from your own focal point; no limits. Share with me your view in forms of pictures, your perspective about work, peers, family, a specific situation, your desires, and needs. I need to understand your own personal and actual perspective, by understanding what is very meaningful and sensible to you I will be able to elevate my affinity coefficient with the outside world and elevate the relational connectivity, exponentially.

Will you, please ? Send your pics to,

Highly appreciated

Dr. Thomas Agrait