Motivate Your Team by Showing Them What Motivates You !

Part of the fun of cheering at a football game is being swept up in the shared excitement, when I yell “Geaux Tigers” I am being swept intuitively with college memories and energy. But, are my emotions contagious? The answer is “YES”!
Emotions truly are contagious. The more people cheer in a stadium the more exciting it feels. The more the energy builds upon itself. It’s the same with work, at home and at anywhere. Somehow the added energy of thousands of voices raised in acclamation lifts our hearts to higher energy levels, very faster.
Intuitively we know that joy and sorrow, fear and excitement are contagious. Our challenge is, how will we infect others? How can we be emotionally contagious yet authentic? How can we engage others without playing upon people’s emotions in an underhanded way to unfair or selfish advantage? Lets see what Lisa Lai have to say about Emotions and motivation on her article “Motivating Employees is not About Carrots and Sticks” As a leader, one of your greatest concerns is how to motivate your team or employees to do their best work. But how often do you think about what makes you excited to come to work every day? Take a moment to check in with how you’re feeling about your job. When do you feel proud of leading your team? What aspects of your role do you enjoy? How can you increase your enthusiasm for your position? Your employees notice whether you have a genuine connection to your work, so if your energy is flagging, theirs may, too. Reconnect with what you love about your job, and then share your positive attitude freely. Modeling engagement with and enthusiasm for your work is one of the best ways to inspire employees.
Wish you all a great week and if you watch any of the “Football Bowls” in the next days,,,, think on my words and try to extrapolate that “Emotions Sharing” to your home and work environment. Even if your team loose!
Dr. Thomas Agrait
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