Finding the Right Work-Life Inflection Point, Creating a Present and continuous flow of Rewarding Life

People have debated the concept of “Work-life balance” for decades, and it means something different to everyone.

One person might think he’s achieved balance when he can leave work early enough to eat dinner with his family. Someone else might view it as having a flexible schedule so that she can study for a part-time graduate degree. Yet another person might feel fulfilled by spending her “free” time advancing her career.

In short, you achieve life balance when you have enough time to pursue both work and personal interests that you love. However, when you feel as if one side of your life is using up too much of your energy, you can become stressed, your productivity can fall, and your personal relationships can become strained.

But what is What Is Work-Life Balance?

Although the concept of achieving a balance between personal and work lives can be traced back to the late 18th century, we will focus on the present time, on NOW!

Today, work-life balance is a continuously changing concept but, in lay terms, it’s about achieving the mix of business and personal life that’s right for you. We’re all unique, and the term “personal life” means something different to everyone: it can include spending time with your family and close ones; participating in hobbies; engaging in personal, spiritual or educational development; exercising; or caregiving. And it should include your work! Life balance is a perceived state: only you know when your life is or isn’t in balance.

In this post, I would like to share what Brigid Schulte has to say about “how” changing our MindSet can improve your W-L-B on “You Can Be a Great Leader and Also Have a Life

The very first task in order to Improve Your Work-Life Balance, CHANGE  your perspective, your Mindset. Most of the time, people think the only way to get to the top in our professional career is to work all the time ( I used to think like that). But you can be an effective professional & leader and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It all starts with your mindset. Stop thinking of yourself as someone who’s willing to do whatever the job asks, and start thinking of yourself as someone who does excellent work, a value-added asset that also has a life outside of it. Plan how you’ll set aside and prioritize time for family, friends, and hobbies; consider where you have or can create some flexibility and where you need more of it. To do this, take a hard look at your company’s culture. Does your team measure success by how long people spend at the office, or by whether they get their tasks done on time? If it’s the former, something needs to change — and you may need to model that change. If it’s the latter, think about what’s stopping you from changing how you spend your time.

Wish you all a great & relaxing weekend and remember that You are the only one responsible to set yourself in the present so you can enjoy and touch the beautiful and amazing things that the Universe have in storage for you, NOW!

Dr. Thomas Agrait – Business Transformation Coach / VORTEX – NeuroGneering at Lean Enterprise Consulting