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PROFESA : Handle what Nature throws at Them, Resiliently!

According to a report from Drew Wilson on October 16, 2019, the Florida ports lead the nation in resiliency which is the main reason why PROFESA decided to team up with the Jacksonville Port Authority to enhance PROFESA Emergency Plan for Puerto Rico. Today, PROFESA...

Que es un Líder Ético? Costa Rica 2019

Esta es una invitación muy especial exclusiva solo para aquellos que desean desarrollarse y llegar a un nivel mucho mas efectivo de Liderazgo. Para Ti, solo para Ti te ofrecemos la oportunidad de participar en el Primer Congreso Internacional de Inteligencia...

Hey,,,,,Smile, happiness looks fabulous on you!

International Smile Day!   Do you know that using brain imaging (fMRI), scientists have explored areas of the brain that are activated when we see another person smile? Of course, you'd expect the visual areas of the brain to light up like a Christmas tree. But other...

Who is behind Dr. Thomas Agrait?

Dear Readers, please allow me Dear Readers, please allow me to introduce the great company behind me which constitute my driver to keep informing you about latest regulatory issues, celebrating your individual achievements, sharing motivational ideas, but above all, a...

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